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Free Spins in India

Free spins are bonuses offered by online casinos allowing the player to have a free bet on an eligible game. These could be a specific slot game or roulette depending on what the casino offers. Free spins in India are usually given as a reward upon registration and are a key part of online casinos attracting new players to their site.

On this page we’ll guide you to the best free spins available for Indian players.

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Our Criteria for the Best Free Spins in India

There are many options for gamblers to choose between when it comes to free spins in India. The use of free spin bonuses will have different rules depending on the site. To make things easy for you we’ve researched each site’s free spins and rated them. Our ratings are based on the following factors:

    • The Number of Free Spins – Obviously, it is beneficial to sign up for online casinos that maximise the number of free spins you get. This gives you a better chance of winning as well as extending the fun without using your own money.
    • Deposit Requirement – Some online casinos only offer free spins to players who first make a deposit, or they give more free spins to players who deposit their own money. The required deposit amount varies between sites, however for some sites making a small deposit can unlock a considerably larger number of free spins.
    • Range of Eligible Games – Free spins in India might only be available on a small number of games for a given online casino. We all enjoy different games and we favour sites with a large range of games that are free spin eligible. Having a larger range of games available with free spins also gives players a chance to learn how they work without having to risk their own money.
    • Time restrictions – It is common for online casinos to place time restrictions on their free spins. This is to ensure they remain for the use of engaged players who they hope will continue gambling after using up their free spins. Expecting a player to use their free spins within a week seems reasonable, within an hour does not seem reasonable.
    • Best Odds – Having free spins for games with incredibly small chances to win reduces the value of the promotion. It is better to have 50 spins on a game with odds of 100 to 1 then 200 spins on a game with odds of 1000 to 1. We have dived deep to find the online casinos offering the best odds on free spin eligible games.
    • Withdrawal Criteria – You sign up for a site get your free spins and your luck comes in, you win some real money. Then you can’t withdraw your winnings until you wager it again. With some sites, the devil is in the detail when it comes to free spins. There will likely be some wagering requirement on all free spins in India. However, the stricter the requirements the less value in the promotion. So, we’ve combed through the small print the online casinos don’t want you to read to find where the best value really is.
    • Ongoing Free Spin Promotions – Free spins in India are usually offered to new customers once they register for a site. However, many online casinos also reward loyal customers with free spin promotions.

We based our site ratings on the free spins they offer. However, we only recommend gambling sites that are regulated, licensed and secure. We also consider the performance of the site in terms of its software, interface, and customer service.

  • Tailored for Indian Market – We recommend free spin sites that have features specific to Indian gamblers such as deposit and withdrawal in Rupees and native language options.

Different types of Free Spins

  • No Deposit Free Spins

These are free spins that don’t require you to deposit any of your own money to be eligible. They allow you to play on select casino games for free and win real money. All you have to do is sign up for an account at an online casino. However, no deposit free spins tend to have stricter wagering conditions to be able to withdraw winnings.

These are ideal for someone new to online gambling who wants to test a casino site or try different games before risking their own money.

  • Deposit Free Spins

These free spins require you to make a deposit using your own money before they are made available. This can be a small amount though (depending on the minimum for a given site) and you gain access to significantly more free spins that have less strict wagering conditions.

Free spins that need a deposit are typically more appealing to people with experience gambling who are sure they want to play with their own money anyway. Might as well make a deposit to maximise the free spins available.

  • Bonus Free Spins

A different type of free spins available on many casino sites in India is a bonus free spin promotion. These could be awarded weekly or monthly to reward regular customers or to promote new prizes and games on the site. Quite often they require a deposit and the number of free spins is dependent on the size of the deposit.

Withdrawal Requirements for Free Spins in India

Before you play your free spins, it is important to understand the withdrawal requirements on any winnings. Unfortunately, most sites have some wagering conditions for the betting of free spins that have to be met for winnings to be withdrawn. This could be simply that a deposit is made into your account. However, it could be much stricter with winnings from your free spins placed in a bonus credit account which require you to gamble it again before it is eligible for withdrawal.

The withdrawal requirements vary for each site and the type of free spin. The stricter the requirements, the less value you get from them.

Frequently Asked Questions on Free spins

Are there online casinos available in Hindi?2020-05-18T09:40:40+00:00

Yes, most online casinos available in India have Hindi language settings.

Do all online casinos offer free spins in India?2020-05-18T09:40:20+00:00

No, not all casinos offer free spins although most do as a way of attracting new players.

What are the withdrawal requirements for free spins in India?2020-05-18T09:40:03+00:00

Withdrawal requirements vary significantly depending on the site and the type of free spin. It is important to understand what they are before deciding which free spin promotion offers the best value. They can require winnings to be wagered a set number of times before real money can be withdrawn.

Can I win real money from free spins in India?2020-05-18T09:39:31+00:00

Yes, you can win real money but make sure you understand any withdrawal requirements before playing.

What are the different types of free spins in India?2020-05-18T09:39:15+00:00

Most free spins in India are for new players who register for an online casino. The 2 main types of introductory free spin promotions depend on whether they require a deposit of the players own money. Other free spins are typically offered to players to promote new features on a site and require a deposit to gain access.

How do I get free spins in India?2020-05-18T09:38:38+00:00

Free spins in India are most commonly offered to new players signing up for an online casino site. Most sites will make their free spin promotions known during the registration process. Online casinos sometimes reward repeat customers with free spins or use them to promote events or new games.

What is the best online casino for free spins in India?2020-05-18T09:37:37+00:00

We have done extensive research on the different online casinos available in India and the free spins they offer. Our top-rated online casino for free spins in India is Leo Vegas. This is based on a range of criteria including the number of free spins, the eligible games on offer, the odds of winning on those games, deposit requirements, and withdrawal conditions for winnings.

What are free spins?2020-05-18T09:36:48+00:00

Free spins are free bets offered on casino games. There are various types with different requirements for their use.

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